Pyramid-Solitaire is a peculiar online game that mixes enjoyment and a light mathematical challenge. It starts with 28 cards, which are placed in the shape of a pyramid.
Pyramid-Solitaire is easy to learn and takes just a few minutes to play each round.

The objective of this Pyramid-Solitaire game is to empty the tableau and gather all the cards, as it is with the vast majority of other Solitaire games. You must match together card pairs whose rank sums to 13 in order to do this. Kings are high while Aces are low. You succeed once every card in the pyramid has been taken out.

Number of Players: 1
Age: 8+
Difficulty: Easy
Time of Play: 15 – 30 minutes
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How to Play Pyramid-Solitaire?

  1. To clear the tableau in the Pyramid-Solitaire game, you must collect every card in the pyramid. The cards are all face forward and overlap each other. Only cards that are not topped by other cards may be played.
  2. If the players’ total is 13, they must gather two cards at a time. The numbered cards are worth their respective numbers. The value of the king, queen, and jack as face cards is 13, 12, and 11, respectively.
  3. Cards can be matched with other cards inside the pyramid (as long as they are “free”) or with the discard pile. The two cards are unable to come back into play once they have been dealt to the foundation. The only card that can be sent to the foundation by itself is the king.
  4. The players can continue taking cards from the stockpile and putting them on the trash in search of a potential match until there are no more moves available.


What is Pyramid-Solitaire?

It is a single player card game in that player must remove all of the cards from a pyramid by pairing them up so that the total value is 13.

Is Pyramid Solitaire suitable for all ages?

Yes, players of all ages can enjoy playing Pyramid Solitaire. Both young and old players can enjoy it.

Can I play Pyramid-Solitaire online?

Yes, you may play the game online. Pyramid-Solitaire is available as a digital version that you can play on your computer, smartphone, or tablet on numerous gaming platforms, websites, and mobile apps.

What happens if there are no more possible moves in Pyramid Solitaire?

You may draw cards from the stockpile if you are unable to couple any additional cards or move any pieces. The game is over and you lose if the stockpile is empty and there are no further moves that can be made.

Can any card be removed in Pyramid-Solitaire?

Only cards that are uncovered, or those that are not covered by any other cards, can be chosen and taken out of the pyramid in Pyramid-Solitaire.


Pyramid-Solitaire is a fun and addictive game that provides an enjoyable way to pass the time while also exercising the mind. It can be played anytime any where on your device desktop, laptop or mobile. The game offers an engaging challenge that tests players’ skills in making calculated moves and utilizing available resources effectively. Its an online game, you don’t need to download or subscribe for it.

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